Sunset, boats in the harbour

Acquired Elegance is born in New Zealand

This past month my Etsy webshop was opened.  (Cue balloons.)

The past year has been spent experimenting with designs and craft forms to develop the opening listings. Necklaces have been made, pulled apart, remade, worn, tweaked and given to people for stress testing.  In other words wearing them as part of their every day accessories and making sure they stay together, are comfortable etc.

During this time a local resource (secondhand clothes store) was discovered, which has some wonderful fabric (clothes), vintage supplies and inspiration.  There is a draw full of these waiting to become or re-become handbags and clutches.

This is an exciting time for me, and I am seeking feedback on what works for people, why and what they would like to see more of.  I have pinned thousands of pins in Pinterest, to seed my imagination and tailor what I want my look to be.

Living in New Zealand means there are also seeds in the local flora, fauna and landscapes.  The bay with its backdrop of hills greets me each morning and dazzles me with it’s sunsets each evening.  Things like this get in your blood, get in your head and come out in your designs in one way or another. More consciously, I have been out walking with my camera and taken a multitude of photos of things that have struck a chord with me, things that look beautiful or interesting. These photos I refer back to when seeking inspiration for designs.

Living in the self styled Art Deco capital of the world, means the art deco and even art nouveau inspires me too. And living in a multicultural county I find that touches from countries round the world peek in here and there too.

I have had fun developing my logo, choosing a simple flow, as I believe that true elegance is simple and gracious.   I chose the bright orange for boldness, warmth and fun and the grey for dependability, harmony and sophistication.


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