Crochet lace and ribbon bracelet

Crochet lace and ribbon bracelet creation

I am trying out a new design for bracelets.mcrocheted lace is then threaded with satin ribbon. The pattern is based on an old bookmark pattern, and has been changed to make it more suitable for wearing on your wrist.

The ribbon is both decorative and the closure method. You wrap it round your wrist and tie finishing with a pretty bow

Crochet lace and ribbon bracelet

All they need now it a starch and a steam and they will be ready to be photographed properly. The bracelet is Tied on and finishing with a bow. Sweet and elegant.












The ribbon allows for the bracelet / cuff to fit a wide range of wrist sizes.

I am quite chuffed with how these are turning out. I am thinking to try with crochet cotton as well.

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