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Accessorising with new season’s White on White trend

As I look at the fashions coming out 2015/2016, I notice that white is a big fashion trend. Both white as a major piece of an outfit, but also notably, with white on white styles. White trousers or skirt paired with white top and white jacket; or white dress or jumpsuit.

What is the best way to accessorise white clothing? It would be easy to be washed out with all the white. There seems to be two major trend for this, bold shapes, in white themselves and bold colours, and sometimes a blend of these two.

White is a colour of snow and makes a great winter wardrobe colour. White is also fresh and reminds us of spring, it pair with many colours that pick up this fresh note when paired with white and so makes a perfect spring wardrobe colour. To be honest white is my goto “colour”, I like it’s crispness in smooth fabrics and its warmth in textured. I also love the way it works with everything.
Take a look at some of the ideas I have found round the web.


So what can we learn from all these designers and how they accessorise white ensembles, white tops, bottoms, skirts and dresses?

For me it reproves any colour works with white, including black and white.

Black needs care for certain body shapes as it is in stark contrast to the white and can create length, breath or shapes within the look which could flatter or not.

Neutrals work well with white giving a casual chic look. Bring out your nude, tan, linen shoes, bags, belts, hats, bangles, anklets, necklaces the lot. Bring them all out and enjoy the freedom wearing them with white brings.

The colours of the rainbow each work with white with ease, be they soft or bright, pale or strong, so have fun with these and wear with confidence.

All metals silver, gold, brass, steel shine pure when matched with white. Use them alone or with pearls, jems or semi precious stones. Each of these can’t fail to impress.

Pearls are a natural partner with white. Their natural lustre and subtle glow makes them noticed in a quiet understated way.

Jem stones work well against white and shine without competing against any other colour in your outfit. This works well for a statement piece you really want noticed. Pick up accents of its colour on other accessories to harmonise the look more so that the attention does not fall on one piece. Either look works depending on your aim.

White accessories with white on white clothing for me seems the hardest to pull off. However, I think if you pick white accessories with a little spot of colour, or hint of metal it is easier. If you use bold shapes or large forms so the accessories you can create drama and interest. If you use contrasting textures you can do likewise. If you use similar textures elsewhere in the ensemble you can create harmony. White on white can be a winning combination.

Of course I’d be amiss not to mention I think there are many perfect pieces I design that would work well with white. Check them out and see if any suit your style and personality. You may wish to buy some or you may be reminded of that perfect piece in your own collection that will fit the bill.

Many of the looks on the catwalk are large pieces, though not all, with white you can go a little bigger than normal, so embrace white this coming season and being all the changes with current and new accessories in your closet. Your sure to find a look you like that will work with white on white.

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