Digital Paintings – Pink Sweet-pea Summer

Do you like the sweetpea painting below? I really like ifs colours and almost stained glass look to it. The brushstrokes swirl and give interest when seen full sized.But enough to tooting my own horn. This is really to share with you that I have started making digital paintings.

Which is a good way to use my photographs, many which I took to be inspiration for craft and art works.

Pink Sweet Pea Flowers Summer
Pink Sweet Pea Flowers Summer – Acquired Elegance
Sweet-pea close up section showing brush strokes.
Sweet-pea close up section showing brush strokes.

For this one I took a number of photos of Sweet-peas growing at the beach, spliced them together, manipulated the photos to create a denser grouping of flowers than was occurring naturally.This is basically a collage which I put my artwork of photos  into a wonderful painting program and got this impressionistic painting of Sweet.peas.When you look at it close up you can see brushstrokes.I uploaded it to Society6 where you can buy it in various forms, from a canvas print to blank greeting cards.I am really enjoying this process at the moment even though one painting can take several days of work.

Photographic inspiration

Early summer at Kapiti Beach, New Zealand has rambling displays of sweet pea flowers pink and luscious clambering over any other plant in their path. In my minds eye the green is thickly covered with a waving carpet of green, undulating up and down over high and low plants.

Photographic inspiration Sweet Pea photo 1
Sweet Pea inspiration photo 1 – Acquired Elegance
Sweet Pea inspiration photo 2
Sweet Pea inspiration photo 2- Acquired Elegance

When I come to take a photograph of said perfect pink blossoms, I get less blossoms in the lens than in my mind.

To create a painting that had the same density of flowers that it looks like in my mind I took a few photos and trimmed out a flower grouping here and another there. Changed the size and orientation of the groups and pasted them together in Photoshop. then I spent time on the edges of the groupings so the edges blended with the edges of the grouping next to it. This required more cutting out of bits from photos here and there and placing to create a cohesive whole looking image.This image was then digitally painted in a couple of styles and the style I liked best chosen.


Society 6 is a place where independent artists can post their work and Society6 takes on the task of making up the products. The artists gets a slice of the profit they make on the sales. That is if it sold for $50 and cost $45 for them to make and post out to you then the artist and Society6 each get a bit of the $5 profit. You know that the artist is getting the smaller chunk of the $5, but it is an easy way to make a large of range of products available to patrons of the artist to buy.The list of possible products is long. The art work posted may not be the right size for some of the products. For example a square piece like the one above is not suitable for a rectangle shaped product like a yoga mat or table or blanket.If I want to make a particular product and the artwork is the wrong shape or size I need to do more work. That may mean tiling the art or taking a segment of it in the right shape, or even making a background to set the artwork upon. This can take quite a bit of time as there are many shapes/sizes to account for it I wanted the full range of products.Society6 list of products (as at Feb 2019)

All Over Print T-Shirts
Bath Mats
Carry-All pouches
Cutting Boards Rectangle
Cutting Boards Round
Duffle Bags
Duvet Covers
Floor Pillows
iPad & Laptop Skins
iPhone & iPod Skins
iPhone Cases
Laptop Sleeves
Metal Travel Mugs
Pillow Shams
Rectangular Pillows
Serving Trays Large
Serving Trays Medium
Shower Curtains
Stationery Cards
Tank Tops
Throw Blankets
Throw Pillows
Tote Bags
Towels (Hand, Bath, and Beach)
Travel Mugs
Wall Murals 12″ x 8″
Wall Murals 8″ x 8″
Wall Tapestries
Window Curtains
Wood Wall Art 3 x 3
Wood Wall Art 4 x 4
Wood Wall Art 5x 5
Wrapping Paper
Yoga Mat

If you have something you want me to give this kind of treatment, either to have the raw painting file sent direct to you or posted up on Society6 for you to get let me know and we can see if we can work together.


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