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Nostalgic Heart charm for planners, handbags, keychains


Padded heart charm on mock handbagEmbroidered with a rose and butterfly This padded heart makes a great stocking stuffer gift to one you love – p.s. we note you may have a healthy love for yourself 😉


Heart charm for planners, handbags, keychains etc.

This handmade unique design will set your handbags, planner or keychain apart.

Sweet embroidery design of rose and butterfly on a muted multicoloured green and grey tone heart.

Cotton crochet thread and embroidery cottons, with clean recycled fill. The fill is from PJs I bought while on mystery holiday with my two youngest. We used randomising methods to choose which direction we took at each intersection and ended up in the town I now live in. I like to think the fabric still has a little magic in it.


Note: Colours on screen may differ from device to device. Therefore the image on your screen may differ a little from the actual product.


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